Associate Membership

Available for individuals or businesses interested in the rental-housing industry (real estate agents, not-for-profit organizations, etc.) It is a great way to stay informed on industry news and trends.

General Membership

Our signature membership designed for landlords and property managers large and small. Whether you’re a veteran landlord interested in advocacy or a new landlord that requires support, this membership is your key to success in rental-housing.

Service Membership

Available to businesses and corporations who provide services to the rental-housing industry (construction, painting, tech, etc.). Provides exclusive opportunities to get in front of landlords large and small across the province.

Choose the Membership that Fits You

Associate Member

  • Monthly communications
  • Access to industry trends and news
  • Opportunity to partner on events & industry issues
  • Access to a network of industry professionals

General Member

$81 -750Year
  • Free support
  • Bi-weekly communications and resources
  • Exclusive discounts from service members
  • Flexible 6-month rent increase option
  • Access to a network of industry professionals

Service Member

  • Exclusive access to member directory
  • Sponsorship opportunities throughout Saskatchewan
  • Print, digital, and event advertising opportunities
  • Distinguish yourself against the competition

Exclusive Discounts

Members receive exclusive discounts from rental-housing suppliers from across the country.


All members receive free and personalized support to help them make informed decisions.


Members have unparalleled access to proprietary resources that cover every topic from becoming a new landlord to evicting a tenant.

A Professional Community

Connect with landlords large and small from across Saskatchewan through educational seminars and events.