Tenant Assistance Process

Tenant Assistance Process

If a tenant receives a significant rent increase that they cannot afford, he or she will be able to request assistance in dealing with the increase. The TAP, which will be run by experienced SKLA landlords and property managers, will review the increased rental rate and its affordability to the applicant. If possible, the TAP will attempt to facilitate a mutually acceptable outcome by meeting with the two interested parties.

If requested by the tenant, the TAP will draw on the SKLA membership to provide assistance to the tenant in finding alternate accommodations. Referral will also be made to the Office of Residential Tenancies, if applicable, and information on rental supplement and other support programs for which they may qualify will be provided.

Contact the SKLA office at admin@skla.ca to obtain an application form.

Want to use TAP?

A member of the SKLA team will send you the application form to get the process started. You can get ready by making a copy of your lease agreement for submission!