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Recent News

The Saskatchewan Landlord Association is exploring a registry to address concerns about rental properties.

The association’s executive officer, Chanda Lockhart, appeared before a Saskatoon city council committee on Monday to express concerns about the possibility that the city might require landlords to acquire a licence.

Lockhart said she thought compliance with such a requirement would be minimal and instead proposed a landlord registry modelled on one in British Columbia.

The city’s planning, development and community services committee endorsed exploring the possibility of requiring a licence for landlords as one part of a strategy to reduce nuisance calls for emergency services.

“I think we need to work closely with some of these partners that are really close to this,” Mayor Charlie Clark said, noting some properties can generate 1,000 calls for emergency services in a year. He asked Lockhart for her suggestion for a solution.

Lockhart, who said her association represents 700 landlords — about half of them in Saskatoon — said the B.C. landlord registry is a voluntary initiative that requires landlords to take a two-hour online course and then score at least 80 per cent on a related quiz.

The registry attempts to ensure landlords know the law, and it provides a guide for renters, who can avoid landlords who do not belong to the registry.

Coun. Hilary Gough got support for her motion to pursue consultation with stakeholders, including groups that represent landlords and renters. Clark said a “sophisticated solution” is needed.

A City of Saskatoon report says licences for landlords represent one way to address nuisance calls. The other method would be to regulate nuisance calls by setting thresholds for excessive calls, which, once exceeded, would require the property owner to pay the cost of emergency services.

The report by city solicitor Patricia Warwick warns that both approaches present challenges.

“I definitely want us to approach this cautiously,” Coun. Zach Jeffries said.

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Joey Brooks owes rent but won't pay because that's 'the way the law is'.

joey brooks

Regina tenant Joey Brooks admits he owes his former landlord Mark Gosselin a couple months of rent, but he's not offering to pay up.

Instead, he suggested Gosselin will "have to file down at the residential tenancies office for the rent that is now due."

This is the third landlord dispute over rent that Brooks has had in the past eight months. In each case, he has refused to pay some rent and has dragged his landlords through lengthy appeal processes.

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Saskatchewan Landlord Association calls on provincial government for help

Daniel Portras has continued to manipulate the system in order to live in the home of yet another Regina landlord without paying, despite the fact that CBC's iTeam shone a light on him a couple of months ago.

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The case of a Saskatoon landlord and a tenant who fell behind on rent payments may be re-opened.

Erin Perehudoff rented a home to Michelle Arcand in November of last year. Within months Arcand fell behind on payments. Perehudoff said her property was also ruined, with damage and garbage left behind.


Sask. Party government unveils throne speech

On the housing front, Wall said he plans to change legislation so that property owners who don't join the Saskatchewan Rental Housing Industry Association (SRHIA) will have to give notice of one year before making a rent hike. The current notice period is six months.

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Landlords' Association to assist tenants facing significant rent ...

Prairie Post (blog) - 6 Oct 2011
The TAP, which will be run by experienced SRHIA landlords and property managers ... If requested by the tenant, the TAP will draw on the SRHIA membership to ...

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Tenants getting help

By Jeremy Warren, The StarPhoenix October 11, 2011

Saskatchewan's landlord association is offering tenants who are faced with large rent increases a way to find more affordable accommodations.

The Saskatchewan Rental Housing Industry Association has started the Tenant Assistance Process, which aims to work with tenants and landlords to find common ground on rent increases or help tenants find new accommodations with the association's landlord and property manager members.

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