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About SKLA

The SKLA was incorporated in 1994 as the Saskatchewan Landlords Association (SKLA) to provide a voice for landlords and property managers on the issue of damage deposits. The SKLA was a leader in persuading government to raise the maximum damage deposit from $125.00 to one month’s rent in 1997. In 1998, the Association changed its name to the Saskatchewan Rental Housing Industry Association to more accurately reflect its membership. When reviewing our Bylaws and our Association in 2015 we decided as a Board to go back to our original roots and remove Rental Association due to confusion with us being affiliated with Sask Housing and having rentals. We are proud to be the SKLA ( Saskatchewan Landlord Association).

In recognition of the fact that SKLA is a province-wide association of landlords with a code of ethics, and provides a Tenant Assistance Process (TAP), SKLA is appointed by the Government of Saskatchewan as an association of landlords whose members are entitled to give a six-month notice of rent increase. All other landlords must give a one year notice of rent increase.

Mission Statement

To represent member interests to government regulatory authorities and to provide education and other resources to assist members in the Saskatchewan rental housing industry

The Saskatchewan Landlord Association (SKLA) currently represents over 18,000 units in the Province of Saskatchewan.

SKLA is an industry organization: Our members range from the single rental house owner to some of the largest property management firms in the province.

Our objective is threefold:

  • To promote fair rental housing legislation and policy
  • To inform members of issues affecting our industry
  • To create opportunities for members to more effectively manage their properties

Through the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA), we are active at the national level addressing issues such as federal taxation and telecommunications deregulation.

SKLA Code of Ethics

Members shall undertake to:

  1. Manage their property so as to provide a safe and comfortable residence for their tenants and maintain the property in a manner consistent with the Residential Tenancies Act.
  2. Comply with all federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations as they apply to their business and the residential rental industry and in adherence to the bylaws of this Association.
  3. Act fairly and promptly in dealing with any complaints, concerns or problems brought to their attention and to be guided by the Residential Tenancies Act.
  4. Participate in providing an exchange of information with other SKLA members for the benefit of good landlord/tenant relations being mindful of the need for the Protection of Personal Information.
  5. Seek to maintain a cooperative relationship with fellow Members and;
    a) not publicly criticize any other member,
    b) not express an opinion of another Member’s management style or property condition unless requested in a professional capacity,
    c) AND such an opinion will be given in writing, with strict adherence to professional courtesy and integrity.
  6. Conduct their business in a professional manner that will serve to enhance the image of the Industry, this Association and its Members.
  7. Strive to manage their property in a manner consistent with a responsibility to conserve natural resources and the environment.

When a tenant is on a fixed term lease you are required to serve Form 15 two months before lease is up.

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