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SKLA Members

The Saskatchewan Landlord Association is a non-profit association that works together with a Board of Directors to advocate for and educate members. Becoming a member of the SKLA entitles you to:

  • Discounts from Service Members in Saskatchewan
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Semi Monthly E-Bulletins
  • Provision for 6 month rental increase notices
  • Reports on current provincial and national rental market conditions
  • Membership with the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA)
  • Access to a tenant registry
  • Networking opportunities with other landlord and service members
  • Access to various forms Advocacy with municipal and provincial government organizations
  • Education and training sessions

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Best Practices

The Saskatchewan Landlord Association (SKLA) continues to work for you the landlord by always keeping in mind industry best practices that affect all landlords, both big and small. We require our members to follow the SKLA’s Bylaws and abide by our Code of Ethics. As a member of our Association we encourage our members to follow Provincial Bylaws, City Bylaws, The Residential Tenancies Act and Fire and Safety Bylaws. We strive to provide relevant and timely information to members to ensure that best practices are employed. Through communication, education and training opportunities, the SKLA is focused on serving its members and keeping them abreast of developments within the rental housing industry.


The Saskatchewan Landlord Association (SKLA) is represented by a 15 member Board of Directors. The members of this Board are landlords from both large and small organizations in the province. They are charged with the responsibility to advocate with various government offices on your behalf. We work together with the provincial ministers offices, local city officials, and MLA’s relative to the Office of Residential Tenancies, the Tenant Assistance Process, and Social Services.

In the past we have successfully lobbied for an increase of the security deposit from $125 to a full month rent. As well, the Board was successful in securing the ability for SKLA members to increase rent every 6 months, rather than 12. And, we continue to work together to affect positive change that benefits our membership.

The SKLA is a member of The Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (CFAA). The CFAA lobbies on behalf of landlords and owners of rental housing on a federal level. They strive to impact national legislation, policy and taxation laws that will impact those in the rental housing industry.


The Saskatchewan Landlord Association (SKLA) continues to educate landlords at all levels. We encourage our membership to participate in education and training sessions with a focus on continual learning and improvement. We offer educational courses throughout the calendar year in a variety of locations. We believe that education and communication are key components in being a successful landlord.

Beyond the sessions offered by the SKLA, many agencies in Saskatchewan offer training such as Crime Free Multi Housing, Real Estate Institute of Canada, Office of Residential Tenancies and Cosmo Recycling. Taking advantage of all that is offered will ensure you stay on top of best practices in the industry.

This is for your membership with Saskatchewan Landlord Association.  Joining the SKLA is a 2 step process, the first is for Membership with SKLA and the second is for access to the site. (You will only have to do this once).  You will need to select the number of doors you have below. 1 – 60 or 61 to 120 or if you're a service member.

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