Association Receives $70,000 to Develop Legal Education Program

Association Receives $70,000 to Develop Legal Education Program

Association Receives $70,000 to Develop Legal Education Program

  • Posted by Member Services
  • On January 10, 2024

The Association is pleased to announce that it has been awarded $70,000 from the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan to develop and deliver a legal education program for rental housing providers in Saskatchewan.

“This program will improve Saskatchewan’s rental housing industry by educating rental housing providers on their legal rights, responsibilities, and industry best practices”, said Association CEO, Cameron Choquette.

Saskatchewan’s rental housing providers provide homes to over 30% of Saskatchewan people with over 85,000 rental housing units. The online program will be available for everyone – mom and pop operators, real estate investors, and large property managers. It will include multiple modules that cover topics like tenancy agreements, security deposits, rent increases, and much more.

The program’s development will be guided by an advisory group composed of subject matter experts, Association members, and tenants. It is expected to be launched in early 2025 and will utilize existing information from Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan, while integrating legal precedents and important operational information on the legal rights and responsibilities of rental housing providers.

“On behalf of our members, I want to thank the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan for their support of this important work that will undoubtedly make a difference for both providers and renters”, concluded Sheena Keslick, Association Board Chair.

For more information, please contact:

Landon Field, Program & Operations Coordinator / (306) 653-7149