Why Self-Service is the New Customer Service

Why Self-Service is the New Customer Service

  • Posted by Member Services
  • On April 24, 2023

Author: Yardi Canada Ltd.

As a property manager, after a lease is signed, how do you continue to provide high-level customer service on top of everything else you need to do? The answer is to make self-service the new customer service.

Thinking beyond the services you provide for renters is how you cultivate the best customer experience at your properties. It matters in every market (residential, commercial, etc.) and is felt by every one of your residents and tenants, for better or for worse. Let’s look at easy ways you can prioritize self-service for your renters to foster a better customer experience.

Move-in day can run smoother

On the big day, make sure your new tenants know what they need, where to go, who will be available on-site, etc. In other words, you need to enhance their experience by giving customers self-service options that don’t require your team’s assistance or intervention (unless the customer wants it).

Reduce stress on your new tenants by making move-ins simpler and more seamless:

  • Let them know in advance where to park moving vans or trucks
  • Let them know if and where there are any extra keys
  • Inform them before move-in day whether the property has all the ramps, dollies and additional equipment they need

Online portals are key to self-service capability over time

Online portals are an essential part of self-service and the customer experience. They benefit owners and tenants as well as investors (with investment management software). Here are four reasons why:

  1. Portals make it fast, secure and easy for tenants to pay rent and submit maintenance requests from anywhere.
  2. Portals increase transparency and make communication a breeze. Tenants, owners and investors can log in and securely view important documents and check the progress of a maintenance request and any other critical data associated with their account.
  3. You reduce the number of incoming calls you handle. Anyone with a portal can access account details on any device. That means fewer calls to the office for help.
  4. Competition is fierce in any property management market. You make it easier to keep up and even stay ahead, even if you’re a small business competing against big property management companies.

Customer service is still part of self-service

The best thing about self-service options is that they simplify everything for you and your tenants, but they also free up your staff. That makes it easier to handle complaints. Think: more time spent on fewer problems leads to a better customer experience.

Maintenance made easy

A professional service makes it easy to handle situations whenever they come up. Leveraging a 24/7 call centre which prioritizes emergencies, remains highly affordable and can be turned on or off at any time. It’s a smart solution that offers peace of mind when you and you team can’t be there to help.

Signs of success
We just explored some of the self-service solutions available to residential and commercial property managers. To close, let’s look at the signs that you are in fact providing a good customer experience:

  • It’s easy for customers to solve their problems or have their questions answered
  • Doing business is easier and less time-consuming (for both you and your tenants)
  • You provide a high level of customer service with fewer incoming calls and requests
  • Renters are eager to share positive online reviews about their customer experience

If you are now finding your needs are outpacing your tech’s capabilities, it may be time to upgrade. With the right technology, you can reduce the amount of paperwork you must process, speed up operations, elevate your customers’ experience and gain improved security for sensitive information.

For more information on how software can help your business, visit YardiBreeze.ca.