Secure Your Property: How Crime Free Multi-Housing Can Help

Secure Your Property: How Crime Free Multi-Housing Can Help

  • Posted by Member Services
  • On February 1, 2022

Whether you manage an apartment complex or a basement suite, all property managers should take preventative measures to ensure tenant and landlord safety. One way to do this is by working with the Saskatoon Police Service’s Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) program.

CFMH works in partnership with building owners, property managers, tenants, community partners, and other Saskatoon Police units, to reduce the likelihood of crime in multi-family buildings. CFMH reduces crime incidents by approximately 25% in the buildings certified in the program. This crime prevention program works by offering training, inspections, and on-going communication and support.

The CFMH Phase 1 Building Security training is currently offered virtually. This training includes helpful information on environmental design, gang and drug activity, fire safety and  tips for tenant screening. The training can be a helpful resource for any property manager.

 After completing Phase 1 Building Security training, CFMH offers a free inspection of your building(s) to check for these nine security features:

  1. Deadbolt must have a 1” throw.
  2. Dead bolt strike plates with 3” screws
  3. Secondary locks & anti-lift or anti-slide devices on windows & patio doors.
  4. Wide angle peep hole with a 180-degree view in all suite doors.
  5. Adequate lighting in interior common areas.
  6. Adequate lighting around building exterior & parking area.
  7. Visible exterior front & rear address
  8. Landscaping- bushes trimmed down to 1 metre; trees trimmed up to 2 metres to keep clear sightlines.
  9. Appearance and graffiti issues regularly managed.

Those who complete CFMH’s Phase 1 training may have access to the CFMH Crime Free Lease Addendum. Tenants who sign this document commit to living crime free on your property. The Addendum also specifies that tenants will be responsible for any guests. CFMH also provides CFMH certified buildings access to resources, information, and in certain circumstances, crime reports for their buildings. We encourage you to contact CFMH at , or 306 975 8385.