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Regina tenant drags 3 landlords through court while getting free rent

Joey Brooks owes rent but won't pay because that's 'the way the law is' 

Regina tenant Joey Brooks admits he owes his former landlord Mark Gosselin a couple months of rent, but he's not offering to pay up.

Instead, he suggested Gosselin will "have to file down at the residential tenancies office for the rent that is now due."

This is the third landlord dispute over rent that Brooks has had in the past eight months. In each case, he has refused to pay some rent and has dragged his landlords through lengthy appeal processes.


Read more here

Serial squatter strikes again in Regina, stiffing another landlord

Saskatchewan Landlord Association calls on provincial government for help


Daniel Portras has continued to manipulate the system in order to live in the home of yet another Regina landlord without paying, despite the fact that CBC's iTeam shone a light on him a couple of months ago.


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Saskatoon landlord still waiting for thousands in rent

The case of a Saskatoon landlord and a tenant who fell behind on rent payments may be re-opened. 

Erin Perehudoff rented a home to Michelle Arcand in November of last year. Within months Arcand fell behind on payments. Perehudoff said her property was also ruined, with damage and garbage left behind.




Nightmare tenants 'an everyday occurrence:' Sask. landlords association


Executive officer of SKLA says official tenant-landlord history list would increase transparency


The Saskatchewan Landlords Association (SKLA) says tenants like Daniel Portras, a serial squatter who has a history of appealing evictions while living in rented homes for free, surface more often than people would think.

"It's an everyday occurrence unfortunately," said Chanda Lockhart, executive officer of the SKLA.

"I hear it almost everyday where a tenant has skipped or been evicted for rent arrears, and on their way out they have done significant damage to the property."



Read the CBC story here.



Indian Act blocks Saskatoon landlord from collecting thousands in rent

Wages earned on-reserve cannot be seized, says SIGA


Erin Perehudoff says a bad renter owes her money after leaving a trail of destruction and garbage at her Saskatoon home.

"It was filthy. She didn't clean anything."- Erin Perehudoff

But despite a ruling from the Office of Residential Tenancies ordering Michelle Arcand to pay $3,156.20 to her former landlord, Arcand's employer refuses to garnishee her wages.

Arcand and her dog moved into the brand-new home on Evergreen Boulevard in November 2014, agreeing to pay Perehudoff $1,850 a month in rent, as well as an $1800 damage deposit. 

Arcand soon fell behind on rent payments, and was ordered to leave by the end of March. She never did pay the full damage deposit.


Read more at CBC.ca





Summary of changes - Bill 150
Effective July 1, 2015
An Act to amend The Residential Tenancies Act, 2006

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